Let's take care of the planet

What's our deal?

Trash to gold is here to accomplish one thing: to replace today's single-use to-go products with upcycled alternatives that are better for the user and better for the environment. We do this by collecting operational biowaste from service-sector businesses and turn it into unique and good-looking products that can be (re)used instead.

Imagine a reusable to-go cup for coffee made from coffee grounds, a reusable lunchbox for sushi made from leftover rice, or a cutlery set made from old popsicle sticks or leftover food. The possibilities are endless.

We make an impact

We are determined to make a change, and that is why we have aligned our business with the sustainable development goals from day one.

Wanna get involved?

We are an early startup, and rely on your input. What do you want? What can be better?
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